Little Rock Board of Trade

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Businessmen formed the Little Rock Board of Trade on April 6, 1886. The first president of the Board of Trade was merchant James A. Fones. He was re-elected seven times.

The Board paid for the efforts of the Arkansas Columbian Commission to create an Arkansas pavilion for the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. The Board of Trade Building was destroyed by fire on December 23, 1908. In 1914 the Board of Trade became the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce.


1901 Board of Trade Members

Officers of the Board of Trade in 1901 were William S. Mitchell, president, Ad Hamberg, vice president, John G. Fletcher, treasurer, and George R. Brown, secretary. Directors were F. B. T. Hollenberg, Tillman H. Bunch, Morris M. Cohn, John F. Boyle, W. Wallace Dickinson, Charles F. Penzel, James A. Fones, Charles T. Abeles, James A. Woodson, George W. Rogers.


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