Harmon L. Remmel

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Harmon Liveright Remmel was a prominent Little Rock, Arkansas, financier and manufacturer.

Remmel was president of the Mercantile Trust Company and the Bankers Trust Company in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was also the president of the Arkansas Anthracite Coal Company.

Remmel was born in Stratford, New York, on January 15, 1852, the son of Godlove and Henrietta (Bever) Remmel. He attended public schools and the Fairfield Seminary in New York. He became a school teacher for one year, then engaged in the lumber business in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1876 he began manufacturing lumber products in Newport, Arkansas. In 1896 he became the general agent for the Mutual Life Insurance Company in Little Rock. He was a candidate for U.S. Congress in 1884 and a candidate for governor in 1894, 1896, and 1900. Remmel was a founding member of the secretive XV Men's Club.

His home in the Governor's Mansion Historic District, Remmel Flats, has been restored by local preservationists.


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