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  • ...894 a vicious [[Little Rock Tornado - October 2, 1894|tornado]] demolished government buildings and most of downtown. And then in 1927 a [[Great Flood of 1927|Gr [[Argenta]] and [[Stifft's Station]], into the hinterlands of [[Pulaski County]], and all the way out to the fast growing regional metropolitan centers of
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  • ...lved into the nonprofit [[Little Rock Downtown Partnership]]. Business and government leaders representing the new coalition began looking for development projec ...l off the property as office space, cutting its losses. Today thirty state government agencies thrive on the dissected Main Street Market block.
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  • ...hington, and of a local grassroots coalition of citizens, business owners, government officials, and bankers organized into the public-private [[Downtown Little *"Presidential Center Revitalizes Little Rock," ''American City & County'' 113.10 (September 1998): 106.
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  • ...ive in State and Local Government Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.
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  • ...rectors and it takes six votes to pass something. That is the only form of government we have right now. I’m prepared to work with what's given to me, in eithe She ran in favor of the Pulaski County [[jail tax]]: "I'm absolutely for it. The jail is just a tool that we need
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  • ...on of each member of Metroplan is to the other members, all units of local government, and each having an impact on all the others and reacting to their impacts. ...ngle government agency or group could speak as one for the various Pulaski County governmental units. In short, there was no metropolitan area planning autho
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  • The '''City of Little Rock''' is an incorporated municipality in [[Pulaski County]], Arkansas. The city is the political and commercial center of the state. City government is divided into a number of city departments, citizen services offices, com
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  • ...n status of an area can only be determined by reviewing records at a local County Clerk's office. ...mbling." By 1820 central Arkansas was so thick with saloons that the state government began taxing them to slow down growth in the business. It didn't work.
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  • director [[Jimmy Moses]] worked tirelessly with representatives of city government, the [[Arkansas Highway Department]], the [[U.S. Army Corps of Engineers]], ...plan was also inspired by an April 1972 visit of seventeen local business, government, and civic leaders to Minneapolis' successful downtown Nicollet Mall. Nicol
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  • The '''Big Dam Bridge''' (also known as the "Pulaski County Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge," the "Murray Lock and Dam Bicycle Pedestrian The bridge received its name from Pulaski County Judge [[Floyd G. "Buddy" Villines]], a leading advocate of the project, who
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  • ...formed Arkansas County, with Arkansas Post as the county seat. In 1819 the county became the [[Territory of Arkansas]], with a capitol at Arkansas Post. In 1 ...souri. Arkansas Post was originally established as the seat of territorial government, but in 1820 the capitol was moved west to [[Little Rock]].
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  • [[Image:Pulaski-county-courthouse.jpg|thumb|300px|The Old Pulaski County Courthouse. Photo by Phil Frana.]] [[Image:New-pulaski-county-courthou.jpg|thumb|300px|The New Pulaski County Courthouse.]]
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  • ...AR/Pulaski/districts.html National Register of Historical Places - Pulaski County] [[Category:City government]]
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  • [[Image:Faulkner-courthouse-1.jpg|thumb|300px|The current (third) Faulkner County Courthouse. Photo by Phil Frana.]] [[Image:Faulkner-cty-courthouse.JPG|thumb|300px|The 1893 (second) Faulkner County Courthouse.]]
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  • ...counsel to the [[Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission]] and to [[Perry County]]. He is former city attorney of Little Rock and city attorney of Maumelle,
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  • [[Image:Pulaski-county-1818.jpg|thumb|300px|Pulaski County in 1818.]] [[Image:Pulaski-county-1864.jpg|thumb|300px|Pulaski County in 1864.]]
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  • ...islature to disband, and resulting in Governor Rector's establishment of a government in exile in Jackson, Mississippi. Most manufacturing was relocated to more [[Susan Bricelin Fletcher]], wife of a Pulaski County plantation owner, wrote of the Federal occupation, "After we were visited b
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  • The '''Arkansas Department of Human Services''' (DHS) is the state government's largest agency, with 7,500 employees and ten divisions. The ten divisions *[[Division of County Operations]]
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  • ...f Arkansas is derived. The Quapaw Indian Agency is today located in Ottawa County, Oklahoma.]] in 1541. De Soto found a heavily fortified Quapaw village in Phillips County. Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet visited the tribe and smoked a p
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  • ...iver]] to Little Rock. Woodruff remained the official printer of the state government until 1833, when the ''[[Arkansas Advocate]]'' took over the contract. *Paulette Walker and Alan Paulson, ''Historic Pulaski County: Arkansas'' (Arcadia Publishing, 1999), 8.
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