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  • Rutherford was subpoenaed in February 2001 by the [[Burton House Committee on Government Reform]], which was investigating possible links between Foundation fund-ra ...vice president with [[Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods]] (CJRW), one of the state's largest advertising firms. Rutherford is also a former administrative ass
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  • ...Truman Library] is on land given by a city. The rest were supplied by the state as a whole or by private funds." He also noted an increase in zoo patron fe ...12, 2002, the [[Attorney General|Attorney General's Office]] filed suit as government representative for the [[Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality]] (AD
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  • *[[Arkansas State Capitol]] ...and civilian labor. Paper for making gun cartridges was so scarce that the State Library was ransacked for spare material. Federal occupiers demanded water
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  • ...lved into the nonprofit [[Little Rock Downtown Partnership]]. Business and government leaders representing the new coalition began looking for development projec ...l off the property as office space, cutting its losses. Today thirty state government agencies thrive on the dissected Main Street Market block.
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  • of the program are modeled after Boston's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Seven graduate schools of public service with ties to past presidents are *"First Classes Begin at Clinton School," Associated Press State & Local Wire, August 23, 2005.
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  • ...ive in State and Local Government Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.
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  • ...he studied at the Arkansas Institute of Politics and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. ...ings for Arkansas, including serving as a Chair of the Arkansas Democratic State Committee and as a delegate to the l980,'84,'88,'92, '96, 2000 and '04 Demo
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  • economic growth and diversity in the state. The leading industry in the state is aerospace, with $1 billion in exports in 2006. *Laura Stevens, "Aerospace Industry Set to Add 5,000 State Jobs," ''Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,'' Feburary 22, 2008.
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  • ...Quality''' (ADEQ) is the chief environmental department of Arkansas state government. The current director of ADEQ is [[Teresa Marks]]. *[ Homepage of ADEQ]
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  • The '''Old State House and Historic Arkansas Museum''' is a national historic landmark locat ===Old State House===
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  • ...County]], Arkansas. The city is the political and commercial center of the state. City government is divided into a number of city departments, citizen services offices, com
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  • the administrator of "wet-dry" statuses in Arkansas. Thirty four of the state's seventy-five counties are considered "wet" by the ABC. According to ABC, ...mbling." By 1820 central Arkansas was so thick with saloons that the state government began taxing them to slow down growth in the business. It didn't work.
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  • [[Image:Old-state-house-2.jpg|thumb|300px|Steps of the Old State House. Photo by Phil Frana.]] [[Image:Old-state-tree.JPG|thumb|300px|Interior of Old State House. Photo by Victor Frana.]]
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  • The barracks continued to be used on the site until 1890. In 1892 the U.S. government gave the property to the [[City of Little Rock]], requiring that it be "for The Tower Building remained in an abandoned state until 1942 when it reopened as the [[Arkansas Museum of Natural History and
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  • The '''Metrocentre Improvement District No. 1''' is a state legislated special improvement district comprising 44 blocks of downtown Li director [[Jimmy Moses]] worked tirelessly with representatives of city government, the [[Arkansas Highway Department]], the [[U.S. Army Corps of Engineers]],
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  • ...completion in 1950. Before this time there was no established home for the state Governor. ...ntry Garden]] contains another fountain, a replica of the one at the [[Old State House]]. The entrance garden houses a bronze bust fashioned after [[Bill Cl
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  • [[Image:State-capitol-winter.jpg|thumb|300px|The Arkansas State Capitol festooned with holiday lights. Photo by Elizabeth Housley.]] [[Image:State-capitol.jpg|thumb|300px|The Arkansas State Capitol. Photo by Phil Frana.]]
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  • ...l Department]], the [[Worker's Compensation Commission]], and the Arkansas State [[Transportation Commission]]. The [[Arkansas Justice Building Commission]] ...Office in 1976, remaining in this position until he became governor of the state in 1980.
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  • ...inthrop Paul Rockefeller Sr.''' was a philanthropist and governor of the [[State of Arkansas]] from 1967 to 1971. this position more than six hundred new industrial plants opened in the state, providing approximately 90,000 new jobs for Arkansas residents. While the
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  • The '''University of Arkansas at Little Rock''' (UALR) is a metropolitan state university located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The university's annual enroll ...rship and Training, the School of Mass Communication, and the Institute of Government.
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