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Moses Tucker Real Estate is a major downtown Little Rock developer and commercial brokerage firm. Moses Tucker focuses on office and retail leasing, brokerage services, property management, greenfield development, and urban redevelopment. The commercial real estate company was founded by Jimmy Moses in 1984. Moses' partner is Rett Tucker.

The company is credited with initiating a renaissance in downtown commercial activity and urban life, aiming at the recreation of a "24 hour community" in the urban core of the city. In the early 1980s the company completed the Heritage Center East and West, which involved the renovation and repurposing of two historic warehouses. The company also renovated and redeveloped the Melton Building for retail and office use and created Tuf-Nut Lofts, the first downtown loft apartments in Little Rock. Moses Tucker also transformed an old 220,000 square foot warehouse along President Clinton Avenue into the Museum Center housing the Little Rock Museum of Discovery, and other office and restaurant tenants.

Other urban residential projects initiated by the company include the Arkansas Capital Commerce Center, First Security Center, and Rainwater Flats.

Moses Tucker Real Estate was also engaged in the process of acquiring property for the construction of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park, the Heifer International headquarters, and the Lions World Services for the Blind.

The company's headquarters is located at 200 Commerce Street Suite 300.


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