Tuf-Nut Lofts

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Tuf-Nut Lofts in the River Market. Photo by Phil Frana.

Tuf-Nut Lofts is a thirty-one unit apartment building at the corner of Third and Commerce streets in downtown Little Rock. The building is part of the larger $80 million River Market Place mixed-use residential complex currently under development. The Tuf-Nut building also houses the corporate offices of Candy Bouquet International. The apartments opened in the former Tuf-Nut blue jeans manufactory in 1999. The lofts are owned and operated by Moses Tucker Real Estate, which purchased the building for $500,000. The building anchors the Tuf Nut Historic Commercial District, the smallest historic district in Little Rock. The address of Tuf-Nut Lofts is 423 East Third Street.


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