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  • ...ittle Rock, Arkansas. Main Street Argenta is a project founded by the Main Street Arkansas Division of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. The Arkans The director of Main Street Argenta is [[Michael Drake]].
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  • ...roject is about a decade old and is sponsored as a pilot program of [[Main Street Arkansas]]. The mission of SoMa is to "promote and enhance the economic dev A South Main Urban Plan for the neighborhood by [[UALR]] architect and planner [[George
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  • ...1957. The plan included a drawing of what would one day become the [[Main Street Mall]] in downtown Little Rock. ...parking ramps strategically placed on both the north and south ends of the street. A sense of "newness, light, and space" would be created by removing the cl
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  •, and restaurant center on Main Street in downtown Little Rock. Main Street Mall opened under the direction of the commissioners of the [[Metrocentre I ...necting the upper levels of a block of buildings for $12 million. The Main Street Mall was designed by [[Witsell Evans Rasco]]. The old [[J. C. Penney]] buil
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  • #REDIRECT [[Main Street Mall]]
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  • '''311 Main Street''' is frontage in downtown Little Rock that has been occupied by a number o [[Category:Main Street]]
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  • [[Image:Main-st-bridge-postcard.jpg|thumb|Postcard view of original Main Street Bridge.]] [[Image:Main-street-bridge-historic.jpg|thumb|Photograph of original Main Street Bridge.]]
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  • ...ost of the project eventually swelled to $165 million. Kane Webb in a Wall Street Journal story called Rutherford "the master builder Hemon to Bill Clinton's ...rn it into a showplace." He has also been quoted as saying that having the main library of the [[Central Arkansas Library System]] only a few blocks away w
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  • ...e with the [[Wilbur D. Mills Freeway]], and planners leveled historic Main Street businesses. Progress had come to the city in the form of the automobile, an Reading between the lines of the Little Rock street grid, we find a pattern of development not so different from that found in
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  • ...hen. I think that even as kids, both of us working and hanging out on Main Street in downtown Little Rock had some lasting impact on both of us wanting to se ...Place involved an underground plaza and parking ramp at the corner of Main Street and Capitol Avenue. Remembered Moses later, "I was fascinated. I lived and
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  •, as it is home of the [[William J. Clinton Presidential Center]], the [[Main Library]] of the Central Arkansas Library System, the [[Cox Creative Center ...#CEF2E0">President Clinton Avenue in the River Market</h5>{{#widget:Google Street View
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  • ...heart of the [[Little Rock River Market]]. The museum was founded on Main Street in 1927 by [[Julia Burnell "Bernie" Smade Babcock]] as the [[Arkansas Museu
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  • Graves also had other priorities in her election bid: "The three main issues are public safety, education and economic development and job creati ...nesses and the Chamber of Commerce. We’ve got to turn the corner on Main Street and work with the [[Downtown Partnership]]. We need significant gathering p
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  • ...ries in the hope that they can grow and learn to thrive on their own. The main aspects that Heifer targets are: agroecology, animal well-being, gender eq ...t moved its main operations to Arkansas, making its home at 1015 Louisiana Street in Little Rock.
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  • ...irst secretary [[Henry W. Wilson]]. The first meeting was held in the Main Street grocery of Colonel [[W. S. Oliver]]. The group then moved to, among other p
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  • ...onal historic landmark located at 300 West Markham Street and 200 East 3rd Street in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. a two-room log cabin located in an area circumscribed by Fourth, Fifth, Main, and Scott streets. The General Assembly continued to meet at this site unt
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  • ...ittle Rock, Arkansas. Main Street Argenta is a project founded by the Main Street Arkansas Division of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. The Arkans The director of Main Street Argenta is [[Michael Drake]].
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  • ...l code. [[Little Rock City Hall|City Hall]] is located at 500 West Markham Street. ...e six bridges are the [[Baring Cross Bridge]], [[Broadway Bridge]], [[Main Street Bridge]], [[Junction Bridge]], [[I-30 Bridge]], and the [[Rock Island Bridg
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  • ...Main Library]] opens in the renovated [[Fones Brothers Warehouse]] on Rock Street in the heart of the [[Little Rock River Market District]] - cost is $13 M
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  • ...emperance Society]] organized a march through downtown Little Rock on Main Street. In 1876 the [[Woman's Christian Temperance Union]] (WCTU) founds the the f
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  • Leroy Donald, "Once Main Street icon, Native Retailer Fading," ''Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,'' June 24, 2007
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  • ...>Arkansas Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention</h5>{{#widget:Google Street View Main office is located on 305 South Palm Street near [[UAMS]] and [[War Memorial Stadium]]. Was established in 1977 and is
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  • ...">The Arkansas Studies Institute (Under Construction)</h5>{{#widget:Google Street View ...into the building from the [[Butler Center for Arkansas Studies]] in the [[Main Library]] building of CALS, and other collections culled from the archives
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  • ...ridge]], (7) [[President Clinton Avenue]] at Commerce, (8) Commerce at 3rd Street, (9) [[Clinton Presidential Center]]/[[Heifer International]] (World Avenue *[[Main Library]] - 100 Rock Street (Little Rock)
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  • ...enue, and in West Little Rock at 270 South Shackleford Road. The 1200 Main Street bakery is located in the old [[Cohn Building]] built around 1911. [[Category:Main Street]]
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  • ====Origins in the Main Street 1969 Plan==== ...the precepts of the [[Main Street 1969 plan]]. Moses interpreted the Main Street 1969 plan as stressing variety in urban activities, specialty stores and en
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  • ...teen-unit apartment complex for visiting performers and designers on Sixth Street. The Rep is also negotiating for purchase of the old [[Brandon Furniture Wa ..."LR Again Rolls the Dice: Downtown Revival $500 Million Price Tag on Main Street Plan a Hitch, and Developers Aren't on Same Page," ''Arkansas Democrat-Gaze
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