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Main Street Mall (also called Main Street Market) was a failed enclosed multilevel, mixed-use shopping, office, and restaurant center on Main Street in downtown Little Rock. Main Street Mall opened under the direction of the commissioners of the Metrocentre Improvement District in November 1987. The project cost $13 million, and was helmed by Ralph Megna.

The mall was established to revitalize retailing along Main Street in downtown Little Rock, and was created by renovating and connecting the upper levels of a block of buildings for $12 million. The Main Street Mall was designed by Witsell Evans Rasco. The old J. C. Penney building escalators were refurbished to enhance the mall as a nostalgic local landmark.

The Main Street Mall was shuttered in 1989 when the pedestrian-only Main Street reopened to traffic. The old mall is now occupied by state government agencies.


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