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The Living Tree Memorial

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Many of the grandiose oak trees lining the sidewalks on Donaghey Avenue and outside Wingo Hall, McCastlain Hall and Bernard Hall were planted after the end of World War II as a living memorial and infinite tribute to those who ultimately gave their lives in World War II. Then named Arkansas State Teachers College (ASTC), the University of Central Arkansas initially planted 38 trees in 1946 and has planted more over time as more alums were identified as having been killed in the war.

-- excerpt from The Living Tree Memorial brochure, printed by the University of Central Arkansas.

Head over to The Story to read more about the history of the Living Tree Memorial, including its formation and purpose.

The Veterans page explores the service members memorialized by the oak trees and also contains a map of the memorial part locations.

Clicking or tapping the map image will allow you to view a map of the veterans' trees on UCA's campus.

Browse the World War II Veterans

Tree # Rank First Name Last Name Branch
Joseph Day.png
1 Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Day Army
Opie chick.jpg
2 Captain Opie Chick Army
3 Captain John Ford Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
4 Captain Louis Ingram Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
5 Captain Robert Mills Army Air Forces
Raymond mitchell.jpg
6 Captain Raymond Mitchell Army Air Forces
7 Captain Thomas Robbins Army
Glen vick.jpg
8 Captain Glen Vick Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
9 Lieutenant Arthur Allen Army Air Forces
Jack baldridge.jpg
10 Lieutenant Jack Baldridge Army
Leaf emblem.jpg
11 Lieutenant Edward Butler Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
12 Lieutenant James Debell Navy
13 Lieutenant Ray Foster Army Air Forces
Charles frizzell.jpg
14 Lieutenant Charles Frizzell Army Air Forces
William kennamer.jpg
15 Lieutenant William Kennamer Army Air Forces
16 Lieutenant Robert Maddox Army Air Forces
Elizabeth mcguire.jpg
17 Second Lieutenant Elizabeth McGuire Women's Army Corps
Reynolds Middleton.png
18 Lieutenant Reynolds Middleton Army Air Forces
Orville morris.jpg
19 Lieutenant Orville Morris Army Air Forces
Robert Murphy.png
20 Lieutenant Robert Murphy Army Air Forces
Ralph Pemberton.png
21 Lieutenant Ralph Pemberton Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
22 Lieutenant James Phillips Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
23 Lieutenant Lawrence Rushing Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
24 Lieutenant William Russell Army Air Forces
Virgil schoeppel.jpg
25 Lieutenant Virgil Schoeppel Army Air Forces
Thomas smith.png
26 Lieutenant Thomas Smith Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
27 Lieutenant Walker Tedford Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
28 Lieutenant Carl Tobey Army Air Forces
29 Lieutenant Aljah Wright Navy
Joe parrott.jpg
30 Pilot Officer Joe Parrott Royal Canadian Air Force
31 Ensign Charles Rogers Navy
Troy deere.jpg
32 Chief Petty Officer Troy Deere Navy
Fred aiken.jpg
33 Sergeant Fred Aiken Army
Milford atkinson.jpg
34 Sergeant Milford Atkinson Army Air Forces
Norman byrn.jpg
35 Sergeant Norman Byrn Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
36 Sergeant Johnnie Callahan Army
Leaf emblem.jpg
37 Sergeant Orland Jones Marine Corps
James mabry.jpg
38 Sergeant James Mabry Army
Leaf emblem.jpg
39 Sergeant Blake Treece Army Air Forces
Ray barnett.jpg
40 Ensign Ray Barnett Navy
41 Private First Class Jarrell Bryant Army
42 Private First Class Leo Hamberg Army
Leaf emblem.jpg
43 Private First Class Clay Nix Army
44 Private First Class Ralph Sims Army
James skipper.jpg
45 Private First Class James Skipper Army
James u walker.jpg
46 Cadet James Walker Army Air Forces
Leaf emblem.jpg
47 Cadet Robert Turner Army Air Forces