Blake A. Treece, Jr.

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#39 Blake A. Treece, Jr.
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Technical Sergeant Blake A. Treece, Jr.

1 November 1920 – 8 August 1944

Personal History

Treece lived in Bear Creek, Searcy, Arkansas. He attended the Arkansas State Teachers College for three years. His parents were Blake Arthur Treece and Virginia Lee Hendrix. Virginia L. Treece was his sister. He never married or had children.

While seeking work as an actor, Treece enlisted into the U.S. Army Air Forces on November 19, 1940 in Montgomery, Alabama. He served in the 322nd Bomber Squadron, 91st Bomber Group, Heavy (Service number: 14033465).

Treece died of foreign object damage on 8 August 1944, and was originally thought to be missing In action, and he was commemorated on the Tablets of the Missing at Brittany American Cemetery, St. James, France. His remains were later found and were then buried at Marshall Cemetery in Marshall, Arkansas.

Awards and Honors

Air Medal with an oak leaf cluster

Purple Heart'