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Solgohachia is an unincorporated town located near the center of Conway County, Arkansas. The town is located at the intersection of scenic Arkansas Highway 9 and Arkansas Highway 287. The 325-acre Ozark Conference Center is located atop Jenkins Mountain near Solgohachia.

The iron single-span Pratt thru-truss Fryer's Ford Bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge was erected in 1890-1891, and remains the oldest bridge still in regular vehicular use in the state. The bridge, which crosses the East Fork of Point Remove Creek, is the only remaining extant work of the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio.

Solgohachia was founded around 1878, near the older village of Centreville. One of the founders of Solgohachia was the local physician and storekeeper M. Crowell. Other early merchants in the town were A. B. Simmons and W. F. Kirkland. A drug store was operated by Walsh & Presley. A blacksmith and woodworking shop opened early under Walker & Nabors. The town had three other physicians W. L. Presley, W. T. Morrow, and Z. T. Kindred. The postmaster was W. L. Presley. The town is named after the Choctaw word Sok-ko-huch-cha, which means "muscadine river."

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