Arkansas Highway 9

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Arkansas Highway 9 is maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. The highway runs from Eagle Mills in southern Arkansas north through Holly Springs, Princeton, Tulip, Lono, and Malvern where it ends. Highway 9 is reestablished at Crows in Saline County, continuing north as a designated scenic highway through Paron, Williams Junction, Thornburg, Perryville, Perry, Oppelo, Morrilton, Overcup, Solgohachia, Birdtown, Center Ridge, Formosa, and Choctaw. The highway ends again at Choctaw before being picked up in Shirley, passing through Rushing, Mountain View, Allison, Sylamore, Melbourne, Brockwell, Oxford, Union, Wheeling, Salem, Camp, and Mammoth Spring before exiting the state.


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