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  • ...[[Randall Mathis]] stipulating that cleanup costs would be paid out of the federal Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund.
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  • ...ges was so scarce that the State Library was ransacked for spare material. Federal occupiers demanded water and feed for their animals, commandeered cattle fo ...894 a vicious [[Little Rock Tornado - October 2, 1894|tornado]] demolished government buildings and most of downtown. And then in 1927 a [[Great Flood of 1927|Gr
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  • Changes in 1981 Federal tax laws which created investment credits for historic renovation projects ...lved into the nonprofit [[Little Rock Downtown Partnership]]. Business and government leaders representing the new coalition began looking for development projec
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  • ...forty fashion house leaders about his plans for the Library. According to federal law the President is not allowed to directly solicit funds for the project. ..., and Ted W. Waitt. Donors who have given more than $5 million include the Government of Norway, the Nationale Postcode Loterji, Haim Saban and The Saban Family
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  • These suggestions were buoyed by changes in the 1981 federal tax laws which permitted investment credits for historic renovation, but th ...hington, and of a local grassroots coalition of citizens, business owners, government officials, and bankers organized into the public-private [[Downtown Little
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  • ...on of each member of Metroplan is to the other members, all units of local government, and each having an impact on all the others and reacting to their impacts. ...ization was called the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, and received federal comprehensive planning money made available under the Housing Act of 1954.
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  • City government is divided into a number of city departments, citizen services offices, com ==City government==
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  • ...mbling." By 1820 central Arkansas was so thick with saloons that the state government began taxing them to slow down growth in the business. It didn't work. ...economy, which was currently in the midst of the [[Great Depression]]. The federal withdrawal from legislated morality was accomplished by the Twenty-First Am
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  • director [[Jimmy Moses]] worked tirelessly with representatives of city government, the [[Arkansas Highway Department]], the [[U.S. Army Corps of Engineers]], ...plan was also inspired by an April 1972 visit of seventeen local business, government, and civic leaders to Minneapolis' successful downtown Nicollet Mall. Nicol
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  • ...ramps to the bridge on both sides of the river are compliant with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. The ramps are supported by 679 feet of walled emba The Big Dam Bridge cost $16.5 million to build. The federal and state government contributed $12.5 million to the bridge's construction costs, and [[Pulaski
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  • ...e site a [[City of Little Rock]] park in perpetuity. In return the federal government received 1,000 acres of land in North Little Rock on Big Rock Mountain wher
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  • '''Fort Logan H. Roots''' was a federal military base established in the 1890s on 1,100 acres of land on [[La Grand ...s instrumental in bringing the fort to the city and in getting the federal government to return the old [[Little Rock Arsenal]] to the city as a park.
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  • The land was donated to the [[City of North Little Rock]] by the federal government in 1948. The park remained largely undeveloped at its dedication on Septemb
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  • ...[[Pyeattstown]]. In 1820 [[Cadron Settlement]] became the official seat of government in the county. That same year the U.S. Post Office established mail service ...e to disband. The city was captured in September 1863 by fourteen thousand federal troops under the command of Major General [[Frederick Steele]]. After the l
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  •]] in the early 1980s and obtained a $10 million grant from the federal government for its restoration. The Capital Hotel, reopened in 1983, soon became the c
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  • Confederates had attacked the federal [[Little Rock Arsenal]] just south of downtown and looted its store of ammu ...islature to disband, and resulting in Governor Rector's establishment of a government in exile in Jackson, Mississippi. Most manufacturing was relocated to more
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  • government in the wake of the New Madrid earthquake. Unfortunately, the government claims overlapped with those held by Russell. Conflict erupted when it beca
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  • ...ificates''' providing public lands to settlers were granted by the federal government following the devastating New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812. Certificate
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  • The '''Eastern District of Arkansas''' is the federal judiciary district for [[Pulaski County]], Arkansas, and much of the easter [[Category:Federal government]]
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  • ...d prejudice for all the world to scorn." The city secured $18.8 million in federal Urban Renewal Administration funding in June 1962. In all, fifteen percent ...artments]], the [[Sheraton Little Rock Hotel]], the [[Camelot Inn]], the [[Federal Reserve Bank]], a [[Continental Trailways bus terminal]], [[Parkview Towers
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