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Frederick William "Fred" Allsopp (1867-1946) was an author, businessman, and philanthropist in Little Rock, Arkansas. Allsopp is known for his work as former business manager of the Arkansas Gazette newspaper and as co-owner of the Allsopp & Chapple Bookstore.

Allsopp was born on June 25, 1867. Allsopp arrived in Little Rock with fellow Englishman James Chapple at the end of the Civil War. Together they established Allsopp & Chapple. The bookstore was purchased by the Wirtz family in 1919.

Allsopp was the original owner of the Hotel Freiderica in Little Rock.

In 1942 Allsopp contributed substantially to the renovation of the Tower Building in MacArthur Park in order to make way for the Arkansas Museum of Natural History and Antiquities.

He died on April 9, 1946, and is interred at local Mount Holly Cemetery. Allsopp Park at the intersection of Cantrell and Cedar Hill Road is named in his honors.

He was married to Mary Chapple Allsopp.


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