Arkansas Highway 365

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Arkansas Highway 365 is maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. The highway begins in Pine Bluff, traveling north through White Hall, Dexter, Samples, Jefferson, Redfield, Hensley, Woodson, Wrightsville, Higgins, Sweet Home, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Oak Grove, Morgan, Mayflower, Gold Creek, and ending at Conway.

Highway 365 roughly follows the original historic route for travel between Little Rock and Conway. It was originally simply called the "Bonded Road" and is now sometimes referred to as the Old Conway Highway. The highway ran south out of Conway following Harkrider Avenue, parallelling the Union Pacific Railroad line on the east side of the Arkansas River. In North Little Rock the highway followed what is now designated as Percy Machin Drive, turning east onto Eighteenth Street. The highway followed Maple Street and Main Street south at Eighteenth Street's intersection with these roads. Northbound traffic on the highway used the one-way Main Street, southbound traffic passed down Maple Street. The highway crossed the river at the Main Street Bridge.


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