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River Market Tower at River Market Place is a twenty-story, one hundred thirty-eight unit high-rise condominium complex under construction just south of Little Rock's River Market District.

River Market Tower will be divided into sections (lofts, residences, penthouses) targeted at different buyers. Floors five through nine are priced for younger buyers and are called The Lofts at River Market Place. Floors ten through sixteen are offered at a higher price and are called The Residences at River Market Place. The top two floors will be occupied by so-called “shell” penthouses to be customized by purchasers. The urban highrise is part of a one-square block $80 million development called River Market Place, which will include a hotel and retail space.

The developer of the tower is Moses Tucker Real Estate. The architect is AMR Architects. The lender is Metropolitan National Bank. In late January construction crews from CDI Contractors, LLC were pouring the seventh floor of the building, with a new floor poured every nine or ten days. The building is expected to "top out" in the spring of 2008, and be complete in 2009. The cost of the building is expected to be about $82 million.


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