Reed's Bridge Battlefield

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Reed's Bridge Battlefield is the 412-acre site of a Civil War clash between 6,000 Union troops and 4,000 Confederates near the present city of Jacksonville, Arkansas.

The Battle of Reed's Bridge took place on August 27, 1863. Brigadier general John Sappington Marmaduke and brigadier general Lucius M. Walker commanded the Confederate cavalry, which was under orders to slow the Union advance. The Confederates destroyed the bridge to prevented the Federals from crossing of the Bayou Meto. Two days later Union forces forded the stream five miles to the south. They captured the capitol at Little Rock on September 10.

Marmaduke later accused Walker of cowardice during the battle. Walker challenged Marmaduke to a duel and was killed.

The battlefield is currently being restored by the Reed's Bridge Battlefield Preservation Society. The organization has approximately thirty members. The group has already constructed a period two-story pole barn and a replica log cabin on the site where Reed's Bridge crosses Arkansas Highway 161. A stone house is currently being renovated to house a visitor's center. The group controls about one hundred acres of the battlefield.

Reed's Bridge was constructed as part of the original Memphis to Little Rock Old Military Road.


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