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The Red Octopus Theater is an original sketch comedy group. They also perform classical dramas and premier musicals. The avant-garde group has been performing since 1991, which makes them one of the oldest sketch troupes in the United States. Since 1991 the group has had more than 100 actors and over 90 shows. The theater began in a performance area in the back of Vino's Brewpub restaurant at 923 West 7th Street. One of the co-founders of Red Octopus is Christy Ward.

The year 2008, marks the 16th year for the sketch comedy to be performing their original "mockery and malcontent" shows. They recordings of hits like "Fxxxk Me Long Time" and the saga "As Farewells Go Bye." These recordings are featured in the new Assswell? 1997-2007.

In 2007 the Red Octopus Theater troupe performed at the Easy Street Piano Bar's Cabaret Room as part of the "Pagans Summer Love-in" show.

Jason Thompson has been thespian of the Red Octopus Theater Company for eight years. He has not only been acting with the group, but contributed writings and was a board member of the company. Thompson has also branched out to write in productions at The Rep, Murray's Dinner Playhouse, and short and featured length films. Other past and present members are Sandy Baskin, Krystal Berry, Josh Doering, Jennifer Pierce, Brian Chambers, Natalie Canerday, Christy Ward, Brad Mooy, Laura Stanley, Angel Bailey, Brooks Caruthers, Jason Gregory, Brett McKnight, Jami Kath Harrison, and Donavan Suitt.

Brooks Caruthers does much original music for productions.


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