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Plumerville is an incorporated city in south-east Conway County, Arkansas. The city is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 64 and Arkansas Highway 92. Plumerville is also served by Interstate 40 interchange 112. The population of the city is 854.


Plumerville is named for Samuel Plummer, who in 1825 purchased a local cabin in the area and turned it into a saddlery serving the local population and nearby Cherokee Indian population. The Butterfield Stage Route served Plumerville Station with mail from Little Rock and Fort Smith.

Reconstruction-era Republican U.S. congressional candidate John M. Clayton was murdered here while sitting near the window of his hotel room. Clayton had been reviewing election results for possible fraud. His assassin was never found.

In 1987 fire broke out in the downtown district of the city. A city jail building dating to the 1880s survived the fire.

Noteworthy Citizens

  • Rupert B. Vance - sociologist and author of Human Factors in Cotton Culture and Human Geography of the South


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