Pickens-Bond Construction Company

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The Pickens-Bond Construction Company is a general contractor in the construction industry. The company was the general contractor on the Excelsior Hotel (now Peabody Hotel), the Union National Bank Building, the Stephens Building, the First Commercial Bank Building, and the Capitol Tower in downtown Little Rock. It also built the McCain Mall in North Little Rock, the Temple B'nai Israel in west Little Rock, and a number of college residence halls and Dillard's department stores. In 1988 the company was the largest construction firm in the state, and among the top 100 in the country.

The company was founded in 1947 and became a leading construction company in the state. Pickens-Bond declared bankruptcy in 1987, and became a subsidiary of Hensel Phelps Construction. The headquarters of Pickens-Bond was moved to Orlando, Florida, in 1998, to be closer to clients like the Disney Company, JetBlue Airways, Universal Studios, and Lockheed Martin.


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