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The Pankey neighborhood in west Little Rock

Pankey is a suburban subdivision on Arkansas Highway 10 in west Little Rock, Arkansas.

Pankey was established as a middle-class black neighborhood circa 1930. The area is named for schoolteachers Josephine Pankey and Samuel Pankey, who bought the land from local farmers and then resold parcels to African American families for $12.60 to $24. The Pankeys left the city of Little Rock for what was then a rural area of Pulaski County in the 1920s after the lynching of John Carter by a white mob.

Land owners in the unincorporated community were expected to pay membership dues to the 1916 Real Estate Club. Josephine Pankey gave away lots to found a Girl Scout camp, four churches, and the Pankey School. The school was torn down in 1988. Pankey Park on Isom Road has a basketball court and playground.

Pankey is increasingly becoming a sprawl of suburban businesses, including Starbucks.


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