Ozra Amander Hadley

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Ozra Amander Hadley was an acting governor of the State of Arkansas, serving from March 17, 1871, to January 6, 1873.

Hadley was born on June 30, 1826, in Cherry Creek, New York. In 1855 he moved to a farm in Minnesota. In 1859 he became elected auditor of Colfax County. In 1865 he moved again to Little Rock, Arkansas, to become a merchant with partner Peter Hanger. Four years later he was elected to the Arkansas Senate. He became lieutanant-governor on March 14, 1871. When Governor Powell Clayton resigned to become a U.S. Senator on March 15, Hadley became the acting governor of the state.

After his term as governor, Hadley became appointed registrar of the U.S. Land Office in Little Rock. President Rutherford B. Hayes named him the Little Rock postmaster in 1878. In 1882 Hadley moved to Watrous, New Mexico, to raise cattle.


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