Mercantile Trust Company

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The Mercantile Trust Company was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1885. The president of the company in 1904 was Harmon L. Remmel. The vice president was Max Heiman. The treasurer and secretary was Charles McKee. Directors of the company included Remmel, Heiman, McKee, W. P. Field, John E. Osborne, F. W. Tucker, Aristo Brizzolara, James A. Woodson, George A. McLean, A. A. Mandelbaum, O. P. Robinson, C. G. Farrow, Charles S. Stifft, S. L. Kay, and George B. Pugh.

In 1919 Mercantile Trust merged with Union Trust Company to form Union Mercantile Trust. The company name was changed to Union Trust in 1924 and Union Bank in 1933. In 1934 a national bank charter led to its taking the name Union National Bank. The bank merged with Worthen Bank in 1993. Assets of both banks were purchased by Boatmen's in 1994, which in turn became part of Bank of America in 1997.


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