Martha Jane Murray

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Martha Jane Murray is architect and sustainability officer on leave from The Wilcox Group in Little Rock, Arkansas, and founder of the Arkansas Green Building Council. Murray is a LEED 2.0 certified professional specializing in healthcare, neighborhood planning, residential building, and campgrounds. Murray joined The Wilcox Group in the spring of 2000.

She is currently a policy associate with the Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative working on sustainable rebuilding projects in New Orleans. In 2005 she helped organize the United States Green Building Council's GreenBuild in response to Hurricane Katrina.

Murray is a founder of Locus Architects in New Orleans and former adjunct professor at the Tulane University School of Architecture. She is past board president for Little Rock's Camp Aldersgate. Murray is a graduate of Hendrix College and the University of Tennessee. She lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and has two children.


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