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Lisa Ferrell is a real estate developer at North Bluffs Development and board president of the Riverfront Baring Cross Neighborhood Renewal Organization.

Ferrell is currently working on the New Urbanist Rockwater Village neighborhood along the Arkansas River in North Little Rock. The development will feature 175 single-family homes and about 200 apartment units or condos. She is co-developing Rockwater Village with Jim Jackson. The developers are committed to building a community center, and expect to attract a local café and grocery store. The centerpiece of the development will be the old Vestal chimney surrounded by a town square and traffic circle. The entire development is expected to cost $115 million and is being financed in part by tax increment financing.

The Riverfront Baring Cross Neighborhood Renewal Organization has proposed the Baring Cross Gateway and Riverfront Beautification Project near Rockwater Village along Riverfront Drive. The group hopes to remove eyesores, convert the River Road into a pedestrian and bicycle path, restore structures of historic value, landscape a rail yard, and add new lights and signage.


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