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Interstate 40 is a limited access freeway passing through North Little Rock, Arkansas. I-40 West leaves the greater Little Rock area, passing through Faulkner County and the city of Conway on its way to Fort Smith and the western border of the state. I-40 East passes through the vast Arkansas Delta on its way to West Memphis on the Mississippi River.

The interstate intersects with several major roads in the region, including Arkansas Highway 440, Arkansas Highway 161, U.S. Highway 167, U.S. Highway 67, Interstate 30, Arkansas Highway 107, Arkansas Highway 365, U.S. Highway 65, Interstate 430, Arkansas Highway 60, Arkansas Highway 286, and U.S. Highway 64, and Arkansas Highway 287. In 2003 the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department began widening I-40 from two lanes in each direction to three lanes in North Little Rock.


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