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The Heights Theater was an 850-seat, single-screen Rowley United movie house located at 5600 Kavanaugh Boulevard in Little Rock, Arkansas. The art deco theater was designed by Edwin B. Cromwell and built by the May Construction Company on the site of the old west end streetcar line turnaround. The theater was owned by Ed Rowley.

The Heights Theater opened on May 1, 1946, and closed on September 8, 1985. The first movie shown in the theater was "Leave Her to Heaven." The last film was "The Last Picture Show."

Built in 1947 and adjoining the building was the Food Palace deli and the Heights Drug Store. Both of these businesses were replaced in 1970 by Gene Suen's Poly-Asian Restaurant, the oldest Asian eatery in the city. Nearby was longtime favorite Browning's Restaurant.

The Heights Theater building is now the home of Mary Healey's Fine Jewelry and the Heights Theater Shopping Center. The theater was remodeled and incorporated into the shopping center by developer Flake & Co. with the assistance of original construction company May and original architect Cromwell.

The White City amusement park's swimming pool was originally located near the site of the Heights Theater.


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