Gold's House of Fashion

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Gold's House of Fashion was a Little Rock women's clothing shop established in 1964 by Max D. Gold at 317 Main Street. By 1973 Gold had established two branch stores in the city. In 1979 ownership passed to his son Don Gold. The store specialized in large-sized apparel.

Gold's House of Fashion has its roots in a door-to-door Spencer Corset Company business led by Eugenie Frank. Her physical office consisted of two tables in the back of a downtown salon. The Eugenie Frank Shop grew quickly, and in 1952 she sold her operation to the Watson family, which relocated it to 112 East Capitol Avenue and renamed it the Watson Fashion Shop. The Watson family sold the shop to Max Gold in 1963. Gold moved the store to Main Street in 1964. Max Gold retired in 1977 and ownership passed to Don Gold two years later.

In 1964 a Gold's House of Fashion branch opened in Park Plaza Shopping Center. Branches opened in McCain Mall in 1973, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in 1976, and Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1978.


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