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Fay Wright was the co-founder of Danco Construction Company with E. W. Daniel and George Rozzell. He was also the founder of the Diamond Construction Company in 1972.

Danco was founded in 1952. Wright purchased a controlling stake in the company in 1955. It has been estimated that Danco laid more than 10,000 miles of water lines, storm drains, saintary sewers, and telephone cables. Danco is also known for pioneering deep excavation processes.

Wright served as former chairman of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. He was appointed to the post by Governor Dale Bumpers in 1972. Wright was also the first president of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation. He was also a longtime supporter and benefactor of the North Little Rock Boys Club, and a founding member of the Park Hill Baptist Church.

Wright was a graduate of North Little Rock High School. In World War II he served in the Army Air Corps and U.S. Third Army. After the war he helped lay the foundation for the Little Rock Air Force Base, buried the water line from Lake Fort Smith to the city of Fort Smith, and hung telephone lines from Little Rock to Fort Smith and Fayetteville. In 1987 he helped replace those same copper phone lines with fiber optic cable from Fort Smith to Little Rock. He also provided leadership in the installation of the Arkansas One Call System.


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