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Enola is an incorporated town in east-central Faulkner County, Arkansas. The town is located at the intersection of Arkansas Highway 107 and Arkansas Highway 310. The population of Enola is 188.


Commerce and Industry

Street View of Wooley's Grocery in Enola


Students from Enola and Cross Roads walked to the Old Siloam School for their education in the 1850s. A school district plan was adopted in 1885, and included schools in Enola and Cross Roads. A new school was constructed in Enola in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration.




Beginning on January 12, 1982, the Arkansas Geological Survey has documented an earthquake "swarm" centered near Enola. The first seismic event had a magnitude of 1.2. The maximum magnitude measured was 4.5 on January 21, 1982. Ninety-three microquakes have been felt by at least one person.


Enola was populated by people settling in a nearby community called Cross Roads]], in the gap between the Dalton and Whitmore hills above Turkey Creek. Here William "Pap" Dalton established the first water mill in the area. According to local folklore the town got its name from a stranger passing through town two carved the word "alone" on a board which he nailed to a large oak tree. Enola is "alone" spelled backwards. A less popular myth has the town named after local girl Enola Miller.

A post office was established in the town on May 19, 1879, under postmaster S. E. Lamar. That same year a cotton gin and saw mill was set up by John C. Bailey. In 1912 the B. F. Shock Grocery Store was built on the site of the present Wooley's Grocery and Feed store. The Enola Baptist Church was started around 1885. The Church of Christ had its first services in 1908.

Notable People

  • In 1861 Enola's Millinder Duerson left school at Northwestern University in Illinois and joined the Confederate Army, only one of two students at the school to do so.
  • John Hugh Reynolds was born in Enola on January 3, 1869. Reynolds received an A.M. degree from the University of Chicago and began teaching history and political science at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. He is the author of Makers of Arkansas History.
  • J. A. Livingston, president of the Russellville Courier-Democrat newspaper, was born here on October 20, 1877.


  • 1940 - 729
  • 1960 - 493
  • 2000 - 188


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