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Concordia Hall undergoing renovation

Concordia Hall in Little Rock's River Market District was constructed by Max Hilb in 1882. In the 1880s the hall's main floor was taken up by grocery and liquor stores. The Hall is now part of the Arkansas Studies Institute, and is expected to serve as office space for the Arkansas Humanities Council and the Urban Studies Institute of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and the Clinton School of Public Service. The main floor of the building will provide exhibit space for the Concordia Hall Museum.

Concordia Hall was originally a place for gatherings by the city's Jewish population. The building was owned by the Concordia Association, established in 1864 to assist new Jewish immigrants in the city. The association eventually moved to the Western Hills Country Club. The building has also housed the Fletcher Coffee and Spice Company, Stewart Coffee Roasters, a carriage seller, and an office furniture firm. A coffee sacking machine from earlier days still hangs from the ceiling in a second floor conference room.

Ulysses S. Grant once visited the Hall.


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