Arkansas Highway 5

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Arkansas Highway 5 enters Saline County west of Owensville. It passes east through Crows, and east-south-east from there to Benton. At Benton the road parallels and sometimes runs together with Interstate 30 northeast through Bryant, Otter Creek, Crystal Valley and into southwestern Little Rock. It is called Old Stagecoach Road from Bryant into Little Rock. In Little Rock the highway continues east down Colonel Glenn Road, crosses South University and follows Asher Avenue northeast, then east along Roosevelt Road until turning left on Broadway. The highway crosses the Broadway Bridge, makes a sharp right turn on the north bank of the Arkansas River following Broadway out of North Little Rock. East Broadway becomes East Third Street on the eastern edge of the city and begins to run slightly northeast. The highway continues on the north edge of Hill Lake and through the town of Galloway. The highway turns north at the intersection with Kerr Station Road. It passes through Kerr and crosses the Interstate 40 interchange. Continuing mostly north along Kerr Road the highway leaves central Arkansas at Cabot. Arkansas Highway 5 leaves Arkansas north of Three Brothers.


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