Angelo Marre

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Angelo Marre was a ninteenth-century transplant from Borzonaca, Italy, who made his fortune as a liquor importer and saloon owner.

Marre immigrated from Italy to Tennessee with his parents in 1854. Marre served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, then became a detective in Memphis. He established a liquor importation business in Little Rock, Arkansas, beginning in 1872. He was elected several times as a second ward alderman. Before his death in 1889 he became owner of the Edison Electric Light Company of Little Rock.

Marre's home, Villa Marre, is a Second Empire and Italianate home in the Quapaw Quarter of Little Rock built in 1881. The exterior of the home is recognizable as the fictional Georgia home of Sugarbaker Designs from the 1980s and 1990s CBS sitcom Designing Women produced by local Arkansans Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Z. Thomason.


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