Acxiom River Market Tower

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The Acxiom River Market Tower is a twelve-story building just south of the River Market in downtown Little Rock. The building was completed in January 2003.

The Tower was designed by architect Reese Rowland, a principal at Polk Stanley Yeary Architects. "We try to make our building designs respond to the client's needs and also reflect who they are and how they work, so they give a visitor some idea of what the company is about," said Rowland of the building. "For Acxiom, we wanted the building to reflect the fact that the company moves information and that the movement uses technology." The building is curved to reflect the curvature of the adjacent interstate highway ramp and the bend in the Arkansas River nearby. Said Rowland, "We played off the architecture of things like the steel columns of the freeway bridge. We also wanted the building to reflect technology, so we used a lot of sharp edges and crisp corners, with silver metal to give it a machine-like look. We didn't want it to be a box that could have been a law office or anything else." The building was also designed with future tenants in mind: "Because business is always changing, we tried to make the building as universal as possible. The group that is here today may move somewhere else, and they need to be able to move whatever group they might need into the building and have them work as efficiently as possible."

The Acxiom Tower contains 171,000 square feet of office space. An attached five-story car park can house about 600 autos. It was built at a cost of $30 million. The general contractor on the project was Nabholz Construction of Conway, Arkansas.


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