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Street View of the Weekend Theater

Weekend Theater is a nonprofit community theater production company in Little Rock, Arkansas. The theater hosts productions only on the weekends, and all members are volunteers. The company began in a local church in 1993.

Weekend Theater performs in a "black-box" theater at the corner of Seventh and Chester streets. The president of the Weekend Theater Board is Julie Jackson; the vice president is Debbie Partee; the secretary-treasurer is Laura Smoller. Other board members are Jaime Scott Blakey, Ben Cox, Christian Davis, John Andrew Ellis, Ameria Jones, Muriel Lederman, Iris Olivia, Allison Pace, Kathryn Pryor, Patty Miller-Marshall, Kate Redden, Grif Stockley, and Marilyn Weinstein. The artistic director is Ralph Hyman, and the assistant artistic director is Andy Hall. The executive director is Patti German.

The street address of the theater is 1001 West Seventh Street.


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