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  • ...y of them "swallowed up in dram-drinking, jockeying, and gambling." Native Americans, displaced from their homes in the southeastern parts of the nation and rav
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  • *[[Americans with Disabilities Act Citizen's Grievance Committee]] ...i and Arkansas River valleys before the time of European settlement. Other native peoples referred to the Quapaw as the "Akansea," from which the name of th
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  • ...ern part of the United States under the 1825 Indian Removal policy. Native Americans who passed through Arkansas were resettled in the Indian Territory (Oklahom
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  • ...Tears Memorial]] is located in the park in memory of the eighty-six Native Americans who died here in 1834 of what was called the "summer (or bowel) complaint," ...lmurry and his family. The replica blockhouse was constructed in 1979 from native cypress logs with funding from the [[Conway Chamber of Commerce]] and the [
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  • ...rk is in [[Conway County]]. Arkansas. The cave features a hand quern where Native American Indians ground maize for making bread. There are 105 Paleoindian a [[Category:Native Americans]]
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  • ...uired the nickname "Little Poland" after groups of ethnic Poles and Polish-Americans settled in the area in the 1870s and 1880s. Poles who settled here first co Choinski and many other Polish-Americans were looking for farmland and a warmer climate, and the immigration agents
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  • Brown was a native of Galion, Ohio. He is notable as an author of leftist literature. The Epis *''The Church for Americans'' (1896)
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