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Spaghetti Warehouse is a former restaurant occupying the old Choctaw Railway Station on the grounds of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park. The 16,500 square foot restaurant at 1010 East Third Street opened in 1990, the station having remained unused since 1964. Purchase of the building and renovations totaled $2.6 million. The historic Alexander George House was torn down to accommodate parking for the restaurant.

The restaurant had at its height about sixty-five employees. The restaurant served some patrons while seated for dining inside a 1924 Cotton Belt Pullman rail car. The restaurant also had as decor a tiger oak back bar, a 1941 Ford fire truck, and numerous leaded stained glass windows. Four hundred and sixty diners could be seated at the simultaneously in the restaurant. Spaghetti Warehouse is known for its fifteen-layer lasagna.

Spaghetti Warehouse closed in February 1996 with company president and CEO Phil Ratner noting, "The casual dining segment has become intensely competitive over the past several years, and we need to focus our time and resources on those restaurants that have the best chance for profitable growth as well as find new vehicles for growth. Although it is never an easy decision to close restaurants, we are committed to our goal of returning this company to a position of sustained profitable growth." Some speculated that restaurant failed because of the slow pace of downtown Little Rock redevelopment.

The building became The Edge private nightclub operated by Dennis Martindill and Danny Martindill.


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