Saint Edward Catholic School

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Saint Edward Catholic School is a private elementary school established in September of 1885, a year after Saint Edward's Catholic Church was established. The School was originally taught by the local German settlers, but they were replaced by Olivetan Benedictine Sisters of Jonesboro. The school is now directed by a lay principal, Mrs. Theresa Hall, and it is taught by lay teachers. Before Mrs. Hall, the principal was Mrs. Vernell Bowen, who is now the Superintendent of Catholic Schools. Located across from MacArthur Park, the school grounds are made up of three buildings: a parish hall; the main building with most of the offices and classrooms, as well as a large gymnasium; and a smaller building used for kindergarten and pre-k. Between the main building and the church, there is a playground, and there is also a cafeteria in the basement of the church itself.

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