Raimondo Family Winery

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The Raimondo Family Winery is located in Gameliel, Arkansas. The family's winemaking moved from Italy to America three generations ago, when Marty Raimondo moved to California from Polermo and made wine under the Grandma and Grandpa Raymondo's Family Wine label. In the 1980s, Marty's son Tony expanded the family's winemaking tradition. In the 2000s, Tony's daughter Margie took over the family business. She purchased Blue Lady Resort in the Arkansas Ozarks and made Raimondo winemaking a commercial business. In 2008, Raimondo Family Winery became a small farm winery manufacturer. Margie's husband and two daughters currently help her run the business.

Raimondo is dedicated mostly to the production of wine following old world Italian varietals. In 2010, however, the winery began making wine out of locally-grown fruit from a berry farm. They currently offer many white, red, and blush wines as well as champagnes. Their website offers food pairings for each type of wine.

Aside from wine, the Raimondo family sells many varieties of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


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