Pulaski Heights

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Pulaski Heights is a residential area within the City of Little Rock, Arkansas. The area was incorporated on August 1, 1905, and annexed by Little Rock as the Ninth Ward in 1916.

Pulaski Heights is composed of two relatively wealthy Little Rock neighborhoods: Hillcrest and The Heights. The town originally held council meetings at what is now known as Pulaski Heights Baptist Church. The town had six mayors, including George H. Joslyn.

The original developer, the Pulaski Heights Land Company deeded rights to a large tract of unoccupied land to the city of Little Rock in 1927. That land was developed into Allsopp Park.

Hillcrest Historic District

The southern portion of Pulaski Heights is occupied by the Hillcrest Historic District. The neighborhood is home to Mount St. Mary Academy and Allsopp Park.

The Heights

The Heights to the north is home to the Little Rock Country Club and the Diocese of Little Rock. The offices of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra are on the grounds of the diocese.


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