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The Organization for Bridging International Societies is a registered student organization designed to foster an environment of understanding between the many students of differing nationalities and cultures found within the UCA student population. It is an organization that is open to all registered students at the University of Central Arkansas.

Mission of ORBIS

• Foster the growth and development of an increasingly diverse population • Promote the sharing of ideas, beliefs, values, information, and experiences between domestic and international students • Encourage students to be more proactive in the sharing of their own culture, while at the same time exploring and being more inquisitive about others • Encourage an active pursuit of knowledge through personal experience and the discovery of accurate and truthful information • Provide and support an environment where honest and open dialogue can take place • Establish a spirit of empathy and truth rather than one of skepticism and stereotypes • Teach international students and domestic students to depend on and learn from one another in order to achieve a cohesive campus community • Promote compassion between fellow students through team work and service to others • Instill a sense of loyalty and comradely between domestic and international students • Generate a greater sense of unity between international and domestic students • Urge students to develop trusting and meaningful relationships • Create long-lasting, world-wide friendships

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