Nora Harris v. City of Little Rock

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Nora Harris v. City of Little Rock was a 1998 lawsuit brought by a tax advocate, Appellant Nora Harris, against the City of Little Rock, challenging the city's raising of revenue bonds to finance the acquisition of land for the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park.

On March 17, 1998 the Little Rock Board of Directors voted to approve $16.5 million in revenue bonds to purchase land for the presidential center. On April 10, 1998 Empower Arkansas was organized to block the revenue bond issue. In June 1998 Little Rock's Stephens Incorporated begins issuing revenue bonds for Library site purchase. Between January and March 2001 the State District Court and Arkansas Supreme Court heard arguments that the City of Little Rock illegally issued revenue bonds for the Clinton Library.

On April 23, 2001 Nora Harris filed a lawsuit to block issuance of the revenue bonds. On October 2, 2002 her lawsuit was dismissed.


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