Arkansas Supreme Court

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The Arkansas Supreme Court chamber at the State Capitol. Photo by Phil Frana.

The Arkansas Supreme Court is the highest court in the State of Arkansas. The Supreme Court is composed of the Chief Justice and six Associate Justices. Justices serve staggered terms of eight years. Members of the court are Chief Justice Jim Hannah, Associate Justice Jim Gunter, Associate Justice Robert L. Brown, Associate Justice Tom Glaze, Associate Justice Donald L. Corbin, Associate Justice Annabelle Clinton Imber, and Associate Justice Paul E. Danielson. The Court is housed in the Justice Building near the State Capitol.

Notable Cases Related to Downtown Revitalization

In the case of Nora Harris v. City of Little Rock (2001) the Supreme Court affirmed that the Little Rock Board of Directors had acted properly in approving $16.5 million in park revenue bonds for the purchase of land for the Clinton Presidential Center.

In the case of Pfeifer v. City of Little Rock (2001) the Supreme Court returned a unanimous verdict on behalf of the defendant, ruling that the City of Little Rock's action in taking the land of Eugene Pfeifer III for the Clinton Presidential Center was proper.


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