Mystic Seaport Oral History Collections

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Sitting quietly on the banks of the Mystic River in Connecticut is the Mystic Seaport: Museum of America and the Sea. Set as a 19th century fishing town, this museum is a living, breathing testament to the traditions of our maritime ancestors. Visitors can hear the local sea stories at Stone’s General Store, tour historic vessels, and learn traditional sea shanties sung by shipboard workers.

Along with the town’s vast array of historical artifacts, the museum is also seeking to collect the oral histories of mariners across the world. Interviewers aim to capture the stories of everyday men and women who had or still have a connection to the sea. For example, John Borge gives a step-by-step explanation of drying cod fish in a flake yard, Elisha Osborn gives an account of whaling off the coast of Long Island, a lighthouse attendant recounts what it’s really like to live in a lighthouse!

Mystic Seaport educates and inspires its visitors by allowing them to truly experience the past. Preservation of these oral histories validates and enhances the extraordinary nature of this living museum. It is constantly growing and evolving thanks to our seafaring ancestors and the historians eager to seek them out.

Visit the museum's website here.