Murry's Dinner Playhouse

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Murry's Diner Playhouse offers an excellent evening of entertainment. Murry's Dinner Playhouse puts on shows ranging from Broadway hits to mysteries, to comedies, to musicals. Some of their past shows include The Sound of Music and Grease.

Guests at Murry's Dinner Playhouse arrive and are seated in the theater at one of the many tables. Some tables hold just two, others can accommodate more. Tables toward the back are elevated. There are a few levels of seating so that wherever one is seated, one can see the stage adequately. The tables are arranged in a semi-circle around the stage.

Dinner is buffet style and guests serve themselves from a set line of food. The food includes a choices like a meat, vegetables such as potatoes, bread, and a dessert. The food is good quality and tastes excellent. Once a guest has gotten his or her dinner there is a little while before the show starts. During this time a guest may enjoy dinner and conversation. After dinner, the show begins.

Going to Murry's Dinner Playhouse is an all-evening event and will be a memorable evening for all involved. Some shows and Murry's Dinner Playhouse are more appropriate for younger children than others. It is advisable to call ahead and ask about the show's content before bringing younger children.


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