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Moses Melody Shop was a music and electronics store located at 303 and 311 Main Street in downtown Little Rock. Moses Melody Shop was established by Alfred Moses, and passed into the hands of his son James Moses Sr. in the 1960s. The shop, which eventually became part of Metrocentre, closed in 1977. Moses also owned a satellite store in the Park Plaza mall. Both stores serviced electronics, regardless of where they had been purchased. One feature of the store in 1960 was a Color TV Lounge where potential customers could watch color television at advertised viewing hours. The store also had special soundproof glass booths for listening to new LPs.

For a time the shop sponsored Saturday radio broadcasts of local bands on radio station KALO. The Lost Souls garage band performed live music in the store in the 1960s.

The Moses Melody Shops franchise was sold to Clovis "Bernie" Allen. Allen ran the store for two decades with wife Barbara Faye Allen.

Mildred "Millie" Alma Angell was an employee at the store for thirty years until it closed. Rita Joe Best Streepey was an assistant manager. One of the salespeople was Gladys M. Stone.

Store owners, managers, employees

  • Alfred Moses, owner
  • James Moses Sr., owner
  • Clovis "Bernie" Allen, owner
  • Barbara Faye Allen, owner
  • Bill Ballard, general manager
  • Rita Joe Best Streepey, assistant manager
  • Gladys M. Stone, salesperson
  • Mildred "Millie" Alma Angell, employee


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