Moffatt and Nichol Engineers

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Moffatt and Nichol Engineers provided marine engineering support on the construction of the Clinton Presidential Center. The company was founded in 1945 to work on the infrastructure of the west coast of the United States. In the '50s, the company worked to meet the infrastructure demands of the United States, Canada, the U.K., and Latin America to ship their goods. Moffatt and Nichol work on bridges, locks, dams, canals, and other forms of infrastructure on the coast. The company has expanded its efforts to restore habitats, sustain the environment, and reduce emissions into the air. The company also works on highways, railways, and cargo transportation routes in both urban and rural areas. The company routinely works on some of the most congested roadways, interchanges, bridges, rail systems, and cargo routes in the world. The company works on ports, harbors, and marine terminals to make them more effective to import/export goods. The company has a team of scientists who work to solve the environmental problems that face coastal, estuarine, and riverine systems. The company is working to restore the Bair Island salt marsh in Redwood City, California. The restored salt marsh will have a pedestrian bridge and wildlife viewing platforms. Another project centered on controlling the flood-prone upper Guadalupe River in San Jose, California. The river was widened and floodwalls were installed. In Chatanooga, Tennessee, the company carried out the waterfront component of the city's 21st century Waterfront project, which included a riverwalk, city pier, floating docks, an access ramp, and pedestrian walkways. Also, the company conducted studies to see if any changes occured to the floodplain because of the projects. On the eastern side of Puerto Rico, Moffatt and Nichol designed and built the Puerta del Rey marina and breakwater.