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Mobley Contractors Inc. of Morrilton, Arkansas, was founded by Ronald F. Mobley and wife Janice Mobley in 1972. The company has about 160 employees and specializes in concrete and heavy civil construction projects.

They are contractors on the Little Rock River Rail line. The River Rail is an electric street car system owned by the Central Arkansas Transit Authority. The original two-mile line cost $12 million to install in downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock. Between 2005 and 2007 the company connected the Heifer International headquarters and Clinton Library to the rest of the streetcar line in Phase II of the River Rail Streetcar Extension Project. Phase II added 0.9 miles of track to the system at a cost of $5.78 million.

The cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock and Pulaski County each paid 6.7 percent of the cost of Phase I of the River Rail project. The Federal Transit Administration paid 80 percent. The extension was paid for by a funding formula in which Little Rock paid 41.7 percent of the project not covered by federal funding, Pulaski County 33.3 percent, and North Little Rock 25 percent. This allocation was agreed upon because Phase II lay entirely within the city limits of Little Rock.


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