Lavaca Giant Budweiser Beer Can

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Lavaca Giant Budweiser Beer Can

The Lavaca Giant Budweiser Beer Can is the city's sole landmark and its claim to fame. Towering above the horizon on the corner of Highways 22 and 96; sits a tall silo painted as a Budweiser beer can. The can poses as a landmark for those giving directions, especially to those not familiar with the area. If traveling west from Conway on Highway 22, upon seeing the beer can; one has the option of continuing west on Highway 22, turning right on South Highway 96 and traveling to Greenwood, or turning left on North Highway 96 to enter in the city limits of the bustling metropolis known as Lavaca (pronounced luh-vack-uh by locals). Lavaca's beer can is often used by those who know the area to direct people to Steffey's Pizza in Lavaca, which serves fantastic thin crust pizza pies.

According to Fort Smith Times Record reports and the website, the owner of the farm is the local Anheuser-Busch distributor. He loves his beer so much that he decided to repaint his gargantuan silo as a Budweiser beer can to both promote the company and offer a unique addition to the otherwise naked Lavaca skyline.

Though being unable to locate a birth date for the beer can, it has at minimum been around since the early 1980’s, as reports say that a Budweiser commercial showed a camera panning over a giant silo painted like a Budweiser beer can – the very can that is the icon of Lavaca, Arkansas. Nestled only six miles from a Southern Baptist church with a membership greater than four hundred, one might wonder if the beer can has been deemed questionable or even reprehensible; however, local officials have never really attempted to label it as offensive, instead they just realize it is a landmark of Arkansas – a fairly enigmatic one at that.


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