Jack East Jr.

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Jack East Jr. (December 21, 1926-November 8, 2000) was president of Rebsamen and East Insurance in 1967, replacing his father Jack East Sr.. Jack East Jr. co-founded the East, Cashion & East insurance and bonding company with his father and Matthew Knight Cashion in 1968 after leaving Rebsamen's firm. In 1971 he became president of The Fred S. James and Company of Arkansas after a merger with East, Cashion & East. He served four terms in the Arkansas State House of Representatives beginning at age 23, and twenty-five years on the board of directors of the Worthen Bank and Trust Company.

East was a graduate of the Leelanau School in Michigan. He was enrolled at the Marion Institute in Alabama, attended the United States Naval Academy, and received his bachelor's degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 1948.

He was married for fifty-one years to Mary Stockley East, and had two sons: Jack East III, who practices law in the city of Little Rock, and Charles Stockley East, night manager of the Salvation Army who died in December 1984.


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